Forgive yourself

Recently I felt to take time and study not only women in the Bible but rather the mothers in the Bible. Who better to start with with then the very first mom created.

Where’s what we know: – She’s the first woman created by God. – She’s the first person to sin and be deceived by Satan – In Genesis 2:6 she shares the fruit with her husband. – Because of her child bearing is painful (Genesis 2:16)

As I read more and took time to know her more, the more I saw her like you and I.

No one had ever lied before. There was no real reason for her not to trust the serpent. Her desire to receive every good thing God has for her family was real. Sure, she should consult with God before making a big decisions. And yes, she should have written what God spoke about on a 3×5 card and hung it plain view so she wouldn’t forget it. 😉 But let’s be real, when we want something, sometimes we take control and forget what God said.

When she offered that piece of fruit to her husband, She wasn’t being malicious. She wanted him to take part in receiving this so called blessing. She didn’t want him to be left out. How often do we include our husband in things they simply just tolerate?

But here’s something I found so interesting! Adam doesn’t name Eve until Genesis 3:20. This happens AFTER the fall. He named her Eve “Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living.” How awesome! His wive’s sin completely alters their life and he gives her a beautiful name with a positive, life giving meaning. He holds no grudge or anger towards her, he forgave her.

In chapter 4, we see how Eve has acknowledged her need for God. She and Adam go on to have children. Yes, her son is the first murderer. She mourns for her son I’m sure. Both of them!

We learn they had a third son. They named him Seth, “God has granted me another child in place of Abel, since Cain killed him.”

Genesis 4:25

You know what struck me here? We never again hear about Eve’s biggest mistake. Once she was forgiven, she let it go and continued on with life.

I think she was able to do this because she knew she was loved and forgiven. If Eve can be loved and forgiven, so can we!

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