Anxiety and Depression are real

Depression and anxiety are real things. Just as it rains on the just and the unjust, as is so with these. 

Have I experienced these? Not as deep as some others I know. I recently wrote a blog Overcoming Mom Guilt about the severe mommy guilt – my black hole I call it, I experienced for a period of about 6 weeks after entering the workforce after being home until our last Gem went to school. 

I’ve been asked on a number of occasions how I got out of my black hole. I’ve been asked if it’s possible to be a Christian and deal with depression or/and anxiety. Today, I want to share with you my answers to these questions. 

My black hole – After sharing with my husband and Pastor about how I was feeling, I realized I had pushed God aside because how shameful I felt about my emotions. The following days I spent quality time with God about the subject. One of the things I felt God asked me to do was to write out a list of things I can do that make me feel good. God will bring healing but I needed to do my part too. 

So, I did that. I look at my list regularly. 

* Time with Jesus * listening to worship music in the car * eating a healthy breakfast * drinking lots of water * making time to exercise * daily declarations * spending time with my small group together or one on one * A clean kitchen

Spending time alone with Jesus – yes, I read my Bible everyday (at least that my goal! I do miss a day or days) I can feel a difference in my attitude, in my thinking and my love for those around me when I’m consistent in this. 

Music – I listen to Christian music on my way to work. I find that listening to life giving music helps clear my mind and focus on God instead of how I may be feeling on any given day. What ever genre of music you listen to, check how you feel after you listen to it. Music is a powerful thing – it can bring us up or drag us down. 

A clean kitchen – you can laugh at that if you want. But when I come downstairs in the morning and I see an overly messy kitchen, it sets me off. A clean kitchen sets the tone for my day – a peaceful day. 

So as I said in the beginning anxiety and depression are real. To answer the question about depression and anxiety in Christians, in short my answer is yes. 

In my opinion you can struggle depression and axstill be a relationship with Jesus. The thing with anxiety and depression is not to stay there too long. One of my best friends battles depression. I chose the word battle because if you’ve ever dealt or experienced depression you know its a battle that takes place in your mind – your thinking.  She is very strong. She catches her thinking and repeats to herself what God has spoken to her. She forces herself to do the right thing even when she doesn’t feel like it. Most of all, she gives life her best. 

Remember, the goal isn’t perfection, the goal is faithfulness. 

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