You have something to offer the world

Ever find yourself in a room full of people who you think are more qualified then you? As you look at each one you think about their accomplishments, you see the potential in them and you admire certain qualities they have. I know I’ve been in that room… many times!

What about the room full of people who you feel comfortable with simply being yourself. There’s no comparison, no one on the pedestal you created. You feel surrounded by like minded people. I’ve been in that room before too.

It took some time but I do like being in both rooms. We shouldn’t want to be the smartest person in a room. Why? Because there is always something to learn from someone. We should be continually growing.

Remember the awkward first room? You are right where you need to be when you’re in that room. You have something to offer. Maybe it’s an idea, maybe it’s a smile, maybe it’s to stand up for what’s right. And you have something to learn.

You are important. What you have inside you adds value to your team, to your organization and to your family.

You might feel alone. Maybe unappreciated. But know that God sees your action and your heart.

Yes, you might feel tired. But being faithful is part of who you are. Doing it when you don’t feel like it! Faithfulness is the goal not perfection. (I can’t stress that enough!)

Don’t cut yourself short. You have something to offer!

Faithfulness is the goal!!!

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