I’m finally experiencing peace and confidence like never before. 

When you imagined your new life with little gems, I bet you pictured them being a spitting image of you or spouse – right? Caring for this newborn was going to be overwhelming yet exciting. Right? It was going to be…. you fill in the blank with what you thought this was going to look like. 

But the real question is, when you imagined what this new life would look like what did you look like?

I know for myself, I imagined that I would be that woman where losing the baby weight would come off easily. I was dedicated, determined and thought I worked hard! 

When it didn’t come off, I felt like a failure. All that hard work, and I still had not achieve the goal of losing baby weight quickly!

I remember placing Gem number 1 on a blanket near me while I did my P90 workout. I remember trying to balance eating enough to nurse and lose weight. I remember at three months she no longer wanted to nurse and I thought “so maybe this will do it.”

I said I knew my body wouldn’t go back to its pre baby shape or weight. Honestly, deep inside I hoped it would. I hoped for a day better than that! I hoped for a day that when I got dressed I liked the reflection staring back at me.

Here we are almost 10 years after our first Gem made me a mom and I’m finally experiencing peace and confidence like never before. 

Hindsight is twenty-twenty, right? I can clearly see how I let lies, doubt and failure stop me and hinder me to be who I’m created be. 

I’ll be sharing more about this journey in weeks to come. I’ll share how I let my weight define and limit me. I’ll share how I learned to detect the lies I believed and how truth truly did set me free. 

Living Proof we CAN change!

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