That’s why I’m her mom

My husband and I have three daughters aged 9, 7 and 4. It regularly blows my mind how two parents can create three little humans that are so uniquely different from each other. 

Our 4 year-old is a spitting image of my husband. Her personality is all me! I’m talking about her short fuse, her temper, her quick way to react to things. I can’t forget how loving and caring she is, or that she loves music and she can sing about anything all day long! 

But when I see her quickly react out of frustration, being impatient, and letting her anger control her, I can see myself. 

I have come along way over the years to learn to control my reactions and to control my emotions. Of course I have moments where I lose that control but it’s no longer a daily way of living. 

And because I don’t want her to deal with the same struggles and tests that I have lived through, I’m learning to be even more cautious of how I say things and how I respond. 

When we’re sick and take medicine, our body can either react or respond to that medication. 

When we say our body reacts to medication, we mean in a negative way. When we say our body is responding to medication, we mean in a positive way.

That’s how I wanna to be in stressful situations (and every day life) – I want to respond, not react.

My hope is that by being living proof that my solution to stressful situations is to respond and not react that I can set a good example to her so she can learn to do the same.

This is one of the reasons why I was chosen to be her mom because I’ve been there and done that, just like you have been chosen to be your kids parents because you have something special to offer them.

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