Procrastination breakup update

Three weeks ago I broke up with procrastination.

When we broke up I was determined that I would make the kids lunches at night, despite how tired I was. I decided that I would have a baking day once a week, and do walk-through of our main living areas before I relax.

So here is an update on how successful or not successful I have been.

I have not missed making lunches before heading to bed in three weeks! Even last night I got home at midnight and I still made them!

My oldest and I have been having lots of fun with our “Baking Thursdays”.  We’ve made blueberry muffins every week.

Doing a walk through of our main living area hasn’t been as consistent as the other two successes. But that’s ok because I have this week to work on that.

I pretty happy about this.

Join me in being living proof that habits and lifestyles can change!

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