Breaking up with procrastination

Just do it!” That’s the motto of the American multinational corporation Nike.

At the Millers, we say this “your procrastination isn’t welcome here.” Really, it can be applied to almost any situation and to any family member – young or old.

Procrastination isn’t an age or gender thing. It’s easy to be attracted to it and it’s manipulative ways to have us think that “later” is an actually option.

The craziest part about this, I don’t think it applies to me. (Let’s all take a minute and laugh!) Let me rephrase that, I didn’t think it really applied to me until recently.

God is beginning to show me more and more my need and calling to serve my family in love and humility. I can see how often I have believed the lie that later was an option.

Really it’s not an option. I’m not talking Spiritually either. To actually think that I can come home late and make everyone’s lunch later in the morning rather then right now and believe for a smooth morning with the kids. Later is a lie! To believe that folding that huge pile of laundry later is going to be any easier or more fun later, is a lie! Do you see the ridiculousness of this notion of later?

In order to “breakup” with procrastination I need to truly believe that later isn’t an option. Here are three things that I will be doing in order to have a successful breakup.

1) make lunches every night even if I’m tired.

2) do a walk through of the house before I relax (I do a walk through the main living areas every night before bed to make sure each room is the way I like it – more on that in another post.)

3. Thursday is baking day. Scheduled in!

What things can you do to let procrastination know you’re breaking up? 

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