Healthy Life

Starting fresh – let the gluten free, corn free, limited dairy and very limited sugar way of living begin! 

When I realized the weight of the Candida diagnosis was losing it’s integrity, my mind and my heart weren’t in it anymore.

And I would read my Bible and God would show me the promises He gave me at the beginning of this journey and I would see them in other peoples Instagram stories. I would hear them at church or a friend would share how this first spoke to them, not knowing that I was clinging on to that word! God is incredibly faithful! 

I had the most bizarre dream a few weeks ago. One that will probably stay with me forever.

I was in this beautiful café, the kind  where the  tables have white linen cloth’s over them. There were beautiful windows filling the room with natural light. My chai tea latte appeared to be picture-perfect.

Suddenly I found myself having coffee with myself. (Strange, right!) I sat across myself having a conversation. We all have those people in our lives who give us a different perspective and who ask us the hard questions. That’s exactly what I was doing in this conversation, asking myself those really hard questions. And I was answering back. It sounds crazy I know!

I woke up feeling discombobulated. I realized that there was a battle of the will and mind that I needed to overcome.

I recently went for allergy testing and got the results before I left for vacation. I spent the week away enjoying incredible food on a cruise ship. If you’ve been on a cruise ship you know the delicacies and junk food that I am referring to.

This time away gave me time to reflect and clear my mind. I’ve come back ready to start fresh.  

Now let the gluten free, corn free, limited dairy and very limited sugar way of living begin! 

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