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When the diagnosis doesn’t feel right

After receiving my Candida diagnosis my husband and I began to do some digging and research, something about the diagnosis just didn’t sit right with us. We decided that I would follow through with the cleanse and eat as prescribed.

As the weeks went on the more research I did and other factors coming into play, We decided to get the second opinion on the diagnosis.

That appointment happened Friday, August 10th.

I went to see a local Naturalpath who I’ve seen before for our second daughter. I shared with her my experience with the previous health care professional and the diagnosis I was given.

In our brief conversation, she decided to have me go gluten free and no refined sugars.

Having spent the last month and half on a very restrictive diet, I know I can do this. It’s seems the first diagnosis was a gift.

It showed me how much I really needed to increase my water and veggie intake. I learned how much I really enjoy hummus and different foods it pairs well with. I learned that too many salad dressings contain sugar! Those are just a few things that I will continue to do and carry with me as I figure this out.

living proof that change is possible

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