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It’s pretty amazing how God created of us each differently, and still with the design to change. Romans 12:12 addresses how our thinking needs to change. Living – Proof is all about that! Being living proof that change is possible. we can encourage each other through our own real life story.

Today, on Featured Friday my best friend Jen (yes, my two best friends are named Jen!) answers questions as she shares of changes she made in her life.

What changes have you made in your life? I cut out cookies, candy and desserts from my lifestyle. 

What was your thinking about this change before you made it?    I knew changes had to be made. I wanted to get back on track and live a healthier lifestyle. I knew at the beginning of the year it was going to be a challenge but I went for it!

What caused you to decide to make the change?                            Well, 2 years ago I was diagnosed as being prediabetic. I had really focused and cut all that stuff out but then as i began to see my body was ok again with sugar I slowly reintroduced those things back into my life and I don’t want to go back to feeling like I did before. I could feel the difference in my body.

Do you have a good support system? (people to give you encouragement and accountability). I have a great support system! I have someone I am accountable to and people that encourage me along the way.

What do you do on hard days when old habits and old thinking try to creep in? I remind myself of why I am doing it (for myself, cause I’m accountable, my kids are watching, others are watching) I also say it (the cravings) will pass just drink some water!

How has this lifestyle change benefited your life?                          It has shown me that food doesn’t have to control me, that I can control it. Also how much I would eat out of emotion rather then fueling.

Is there anything else you would like to share? Its really about lifestyle, balance and self control. Also if you really put your mind to something, have a support person(s) and find out your triggers it really can show you that food can control you if you let it.  Sugar is like a drug, the first 60 days were BRUTAL, I felt like a caged animal that was running for their life looking for sugar in the house. Thankfully that passed and now I can sit with candy in a room and not feel like I have no power over it. I have had 2 parties where amazing cakes were served at, and it didn’t bother me that I couldn’t eat them!

Thanks Jen for being Living Proof that change is possible!

Feel to follow Jen as she she explores life on her her blog at

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