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Getting kids involved in meal prep

One of the keys to success in living a healthy life is meal prep. Having things ready before hand can go a long way. Whether you have entire meals ready, a portion of a meal, or snacks, it will you make the right choices.

I know many who skip breakfast or don’t eat right at breakfast. Breakfast has the potential to set the tone for the day.  We all know bread and butter is delicious! But let’s be real, having a toast with butter for breakfast isn’t exactly a good breakfast. But that was my go to for a long time – toast with butter. Not just one, sometimes 2 or 3!

Smoothies are relatively an easy breakfast. Mix fruit and veggies and voila! Obviously, there’s a bit more to it then that. I decided to make my life a little easier I would prep smoothie ingredients before hand, and freeze them.  I’ve done this two or three times now and it’s been a game changer to start my day right. I’m not talking a few bags here! My girls and I prep about 35 freezer bags. Getting the kids involved is an important task.

My kids, like most, would eat Fruit Loops every day if we let them. Having pre-made pan cakes, scrambled eggs or smoothies is a great way to enjoy eating healthy. I think we all would enjoy eating healthier if all the food prep was already done.

Here’s what we did together this weekend.

Here is the fruit we used

This is the bag of Spinach I use

Here are my mason jars with Flax and Chai seeds

My kids love this job!

Getting close to done! These bags have the seeds and spinach

Here’s the finished product!

Lifestyle changes are possible – be living proof!

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