Healthy Life

My Confession – What I did, what I didn’t and what I learned

I wish that I can tell you that over the last six weeks that I remained strong and kept my eating in check and didn’t give in to my emotions.

And I would love to tell you that when my kids started to sell chocolates for their school fundraiser that I didn’t eat any of them. It would be really great to say that all of my snacks were healthy and that once I started meal prepping everything was perfect.

Though none of those things happened I am happy to say that I learned a lot about myself in the six weeks. I learned that exercise and proper meal planning are not only good for my physical body but for my mental health. When I’m on the ball with those things I feel better. When I do these things I’m a better mother and wife. It would be cool to say that God miraculously healed my foot and I started doing all the right things right away but God’s miracles don’t always come the way we think they should.

My miracle is this: Knowing more about myself and the path that I need to take to make me who I’m designed to be. This time away from reality gave me time to deal with things I haven’t dealt with in a long time. Things like comparison, my body image and relearning that this needs to be about health not just weight loss. There’s healing here. I believe that where there’s healing there’s a miracle.

So maybe I gained weigh. Maybe I lost my focus and maybe I had times when I didn’t care about the consequences of my actions. And maybe that’s all ok. I think it’s ok because I was able to deal with and get over some pretty major stuff in the midst of it. Now I get to return to my reality that I love and believe my family loves. Exercise and organization.

That’s it. That’s my confession and my miracle. Living Proof that change is possible

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