family life

Feeling loved and discouraged

I’m amazed at the love and support my family has received these last two weeks. In case you were unaware two weeks ago I broke my left foot. Being in a cast has brought a sentence of life on the couch and limited movement. This has its ups and downs.

I am overwhelmed with thankfulness!!! My best friend orchestrated for my family to be cared for by reaching out to our circle of friends and your church family to have meals brought to our home. My mother-in-law who lives in the Inlaw suite of our home has stepped up and taking care of our kids and done things with them and for them when I could not. My mom came over to help me catch up on housework. My friends took my kids for play dates giving me time to rest. Our daughters have enjoyed the extra couch time and cuddles – so have I! My biggest support has come from my husband. He has taken on my responsibilities for caring for our home and our kids along with working his full-time job! There has been no complaining or frustration from him. I’m incredibly thankful for his love for our family, his servants heart and the beautiful example of teamwork this is showing our daughters. I am loved!

Being someone who is often on the move these restrictions are hard. Let’s be real, I’ve had my pity parties and discouraging moments. I was doing well in taking control of my health and winning battles. When thoughts about failure or lack enter my mind, I’ve learned to quiet them. I have no control over this situation! Have I indulged a little. Yes. Is that my life style? No!

In my time resting and healing I’m seeing how a lifestyle of depending on God and his view of me helps me win my battles. I’ve learned that set backs are not permanent. These limitations have allowed me to spend more time with God. Its given me opportunity to dream about the year ahead and for Him to give me hope for those dreams.

Living Proof that change is possible

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