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New things I learned about health, fitness, wellness and me in 28 days

I joined a program that my gym offers called the ’28 day shape up’

It started mid June and ended the day before our family vacation started.

I was pretty excited to be a part of a program that required me to think very little. My workouts were planned and so was my weekly menu. All that was required of me was action.

Learning to meal prep was difficult for me. It took a good 2 weeks or so to figure out what worked best for me and my family. I was pretty proud of my self for trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone. I felt like some kind of culinary expert when I made butternut squash soup! Lol

I recognized that snacking regularly is a challenge for me. If I did, it wasn’t always the best choice. So there were times when I ate outside the menu plan.

My goal was to workout at least three times a week. Most weeks that goal was reached! I love how good I feel after a workout!

I learned so much about myself during those 28 days. I learned I do best when I keep track of my results and that I am motivated by those results. Those results aren’t even about numbers, they’re about consistency. I’m proud of myself for not only writing down my body measurements but handing them in to the instructor even when the numbers weren’t great. I learned more then ever that every little bite can take me closer or further away from my goal of fitting into my clothes. I loosened up and learned to love me for me.

On the 29th day we left for vacation to Sudbury and a week at the cottage with my side of the family. I went on a true vacation! No exercise, no food prep or keeping track of meals. A vacation from it all! I knew I would gain some weight back but I was confident in the foundation I laid in the previous 28. When I got home I weighted myself. I gained 5lbs (or as we say in our house – my pants shrunk 😜)

Since then, I’ve lost three pounds and now weight the same I did when the 28 day shape up started. I feel much better about who I am and know that with time and effort, my goals can be reached.

Here are my results of the 28 day shape up.

Living Proof Change is Possible

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