Two events that helped change my body image (True Story)

When we win a battle of the mind great victories follow.  There's something that takes place in not only our minds, but in our hearts and spirits. 

For me, two things took place this summer that to some may seem vain or even small.

A few weeks ago I borrowed a dress from a friend for a wedding we were going to and decided it needed a belt. I decided this only 2 hours before the wedding! With no makeup and hair in a pony tail I ran out to a store close to our home. When I got home I felt like I could take on anything! When I told my husband what I did I had to explain to him that normally I would have put on foundation – at the very least! You know what? I've done it a few times since. 

For years I avoided wearing shorts. The last thing I needed was to find another part of my body that I wouldn't like. But this summer not only did I wear them, I wore them out in public!

These experiences have helped change my view of myself and my body. I am who I am with or without make up. My body is mine and all I need to do is take good care of it… More about that in future post.

Living proof that change is possible!

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