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Carrot muffins for the picky eater

Everyone knows a picky eater, is a picky eater or was one as a child. Picky eaters are everywhere!  I was one and so was my husband. Thankfully, we’re grown adults who at the very least try new things now. Our oldest daughter well, I suppose she comes by her pickyness honestly.

Like many,  vegetables are not her favourite. So much so, she recently came home from school and told me that she needed to be sent to her room because for the second day in a row she decided not eat the veggies I put in her lunch.  Wow!! She thought it through and chose a consequence instead of eating veggies! Well, not all hope is gone.

I found a great carrot recipe that, even she enjoys… yay! I found the recipe at –  Here’s the link so you can try the   recipe

Now, here are the changes I made to this recipe.  The recipe calls for whole wheat flour, I used gluten free all purpose flour since our middle daughter has a gluten sensitivity.  The first time I made it I didn’t put raisins in, simply because I don’t like raisins in things. The kids are not a fan of the walnuts. SO, at our house, these muffins are just good old plain carrot muffins. But, when you have a child who doesn’t like carrots on their own. This works perfectly!


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