Peeling off the layers 

The writer of this blog is one of my best friends. Here is part 2 of a true story about love. If you haven’t already, start following this amazing blog.

Even Though

Easter 2013 I accepted Jesus into my life and everything became amazing, I never had any more problems, and I lived happily ever after. This is what I thought would happen when I made the decision to give my heart to Jesus. I was very naive to the power of God. It was a whole new world of bible reading, praying, church, all things I had never done. I had a great group of women in the small group I attended through my church, ‘my church’ words that I never expected to come out of my mouth. They helped explain things to me, supported me, prayed for me and so much more. I felt so loved by them but I thought it was too good to be true, history had proven that those I loved usually left. This seemed different though. Now I know that when you have God in…

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