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Love from a Father

Father and son sat side by side.

“She’s really great.” said the son. “I know” the father replied. They sat there in silence thinking about her. The father finally spoke words “She has so many gift and talents. It’s a shame she doesn’t use them. She’s beautiful.” The son nodded in agreement.  He continued “She doesn’t know about us yet does she?” “Not yet. I knocked to introduce my self, but no answer” said the son. “Sorry son, she’s too caught up in her own thing right now. IF she doesn’t get in too deep, she’ll come around” “I think she’d be great in our family. Just think about what good she can do!! A world changer!” “like I said, If she doesn’t get in too deep, she’ll come around. She has free will you know.”

“Dad! Dad! She’s stuck! it’s like she’s stuck in mud! she can’t get out! Help her!” That’s exactly what it was, She was stuck. She felt like seaweed was wrapped around her ankles and she was drowning. She couldn’t come up for air. The chains were on so tight. Each link was held by lies, defeat, fear and anger.

“Go and knock again. Explain to her who you are. Tell her what you did for her. You’re a gentlemen.”

As the young lady cried out, the son approached with caution. A gentlemen. In a sweet and gentle voice he explained that her freedom had been bought and that she didn’t need to stay where she was. He showed her what freedom looked like in his family. “My father would like to adopt you into our family.”  With a broken heart, she cried. The Father came, joined the son and held his new daughter. She cried and cried and cried. An unknown peace came over her. She tried to smile but fear of the unknown held her back. Father and son alike comforted her. Her heart began to heal and her pain turned into joy.

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