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Your dreams are worth it

If you’ve taken any time to read up on leadership, you know that keeping your vision in front of you is critical to meeting your goals. Surrounding yourself with people and things who will encourage you is highly beneficial. 

In a season of waiting, seeing light at the end of the tunnel can sometimes be difficult, even out right discouraging. 

That’s why I decided to do two things that are simple yet, will keep me going. This first picture is my cover picture on my Facebook page.  


If you’ve read any of my previous post, you know that taking baby steps is kinda my motto. I ventured on to and found someone who makes personalized phone cases. It was a great experience. I dealt with Jason Newport from CreativeLaughs. Here’s the finished product I’m patiently waiting to arrive. 

Remember, it doesn’t take much, just some creativity. Don’t give up!! Your dreams are worth chasing. 

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