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Health isn’t a destination

“Being fit and healthy isn’t a destination, it’s a lifestyle.”  

Those were my husband’s words as we talked about the changes I planned on making. His words rung in my mind days following our conversation. They still do. You see I’ve never been one watch what I eat or exercise. Once upon a time I enjoyed running, but lets be real, it didn’t last long. When people would talk to me about health and nutrition I would let it go in one ear and out the other.

That comment was a game changer for me. I began to think more about what being healthy means. More importantly, what does being healthy look like to me? When I finally sat down to jot down what I think being healthy means, I was surprised that my list was only 2 items long.

1) Eat fruits and or vegetables at every meal

2) Exercise daily

Sounds easy enough doesn’t it?!

For someone who would be content eating a bag of Smartfood for dinner (Before getting married – I would regularly do that), eating fruits or vegetables at every meal isn’t very appealing.

Knowing this would be a challenge, I got my journal and sat in silence. I knew if I waited God would come through and give me direction. He did. He encouraged me to be me. After showing me how He sees me, the words “make a covenant with your eyes.” were spoken to my heart. Without thinking too much about it, my pen met my paper and these words hit the page.-

I vow to eat food with purpose. To enjoy treats and walk in Grace on bad days. I vow to thank God for giving people creative minds when I want food that I don’t need. I will enjoy desserts. I will educate myself and my family. I will do my best.

A few years ago I learned the importance of living beyond my feelings. Will that make this life style change easy, No. But I know it’s value. This journey won’t be easy or perfect, but i’m excited to see how it changes me.

One thought on “Health isn’t a destination

  1. I really enjoyed reading this entry… It was very encouraging. I am so hard on my self on the days that I mess up or cheat, but like you I will begin eating with a purpose and walk in God’s grace. Bless You!

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