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Powered by Love

Slowly and quietly the enemy creeps in,

Carefully planting seeds of unrighteousness.

Our thoughts tainted by his wickedness,

Unaware habits of the past resurface.

Unprepared, we fall into old ways as if re-introduced to the old self.

But then, before we get to deep, light shines in.

If we see it, we grab hold of it.

This light is powered by love. It’s so strong that in our weakness we’re made strong.

A sea of forgetfulness is created for times such as this.

The light takes the wrong and unlawful deeds, our anger and bitterness and pollutes the sea of forgetfulness.

If we ask He forgives.

As far as the east is from the west, those poisons are removed far from us.

The light never fails us. The light always powered by love never leaves us.

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