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Little girl BIG dreams….Encouraging your kids

The other night our oldest daughter came downstairs to let me know her throat was sore from coughing so much. She asked if we could put some ‘Vicks’ on to help ease the pain. With a smile on her face she said ‘Wait a minute!!! God makes medicine doesn’t he?!”  We talked about how God gives people different gifts, talents and ideas to make medicine. She then talked about the people we pray for who are sick, We talked about the fact that some illnesses have no cure yet. For almost a year now she says that when she grows up she’s going to a ‘scientist engineer’.   With a twinkle in her eye she said ‘Do you think I can make the medicine to make these people better… make a cure?’  My response came from my heart: ‘OF COURSE, YOU CAN BE EVERYTHING GOD WANTS YOU TO BE’. She expressed how badly she wants to do this. She went to bed encouraged.


Later that night she had a ‘coughing fit’ and my husband attended to her. After she was done coughing she looked at him with a smile and said ‘Did mommy tell you that I’m going to make medicine?’  He nodded and answered yes. The smile never left her face. We told her about a teenager who invented a quicker way to diagnose a disease.  Again she was encouraged. Right there she began to dream. “Maybe when I’m 10 I’ll make medicine” (she turns 6 next month).  Rather then crush it and tell how impossible that sounds, we encouraged her that ONE day she very well might do that.

She’s still talking about it, and we’re still encouraging her. She asked today if we can ‘google’ how to make heart medicine so that ‘hearts on babies will work better” I’m proud of her. She’s dreaming big. She’s asking God to be creative. She’s excited.

Encourage your children to dream.

Be glad for all God is planning for you. Be patient in trouble, and always be prayerful.

Romans 12:12

2 thoughts on “Little girl BIG dreams….Encouraging your kids

  1. That little girl has such a BIG heart. I love that her motive is not to be famous or make lots of money, but to help people:) So beautiful.

  2. Jen, I think that the verse, “Train up a child in the way he should go” means that every child has a path that they were created to take. I think they find it before we parents realize it. It is vital to encourage our children to stay on that path. Their interests and dreams are built in compasses to direct them to their purpose.

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