Oh, emotional eating, I do that too!! 

Here are a few known facts about me. I’m 5 feet tall, brown curly hair, mother of three, pettit body frame, I married a math wiz and like most, I wish that the laundry fairy exsisted. 

Here’s something about me you may not know. Actually you don’t know this about me because I just learned this about me. I’m an emotional eater. 

There I was journaling, going over my fitness goals for the year when I asked God why I go through good times of properly taking care of my self other times I don’t. I couldn’t take my eyes off the bowl that’s displayed on our bookshelf. It was a thoughtful gift my dear friend Carrie gave us. 

 All of a sudden I had memories of bad days and bad moments in my life and I remembered what my solution was. I heard my self telling friends what to do when they had bad days or bad moments. I would say it in a joking tone but truly meant it. “Go get ice cream it’ll make everything be ok” or “a chocolate bar, get comfy and talk to God about it” or “on your way home stop and get (insert favourite junk food) , it’ll make you feel better.” 

I was shocked at the revelation set before me.

I realized my crutch wasn’t only used in bad times, but good times too. If I had a good day, I deserved a treat. It wasn’t an uncommon for me to snack while relaxing watching T.V.  Because I deserved it. 

Here’s a quote by Marcus  Samuelsson

We struggle with eating healthily, obesity, and access to good nutrition for everyone. But we have a great opportunity to get on the right side of this battle by beginning to think differently about the way that we eat and the way that we approach food.

Everyday I learn more and more that Mark Sameulsson was right.  My approach to food, my relationship with it has changed. It was not created to feed my emotional needs. Food was created to give me energy and strength. What parent doesn’t need more of that? I’ve noticed how my eating choices effect the rest of my day and how I feel about me and my progress. 

I recently shared with a friend of mine this new outlook and her response saddened me. She laughed and said “oh, emotional eating, I do that too”  Why must this be so common? Why do we settle for instant gratification instead of long term results? 

I don’t know all the answers. All I know is that God is changing me. My view of food is changing and so is what I want to eat changing.  

Living proof that change is possible. 

One thought on “Oh, emotional eating, I do that too!! 

  1. Great change taking place Jen. You’re way ahead of me because this has happened to me this past year and i’m 20 years older than you! My craving for sugar has been drastically reduced. I never used to pray for things I wanted personally, but last year I met someone who told me she asked God to help her with her eating disorder. He answered her prayer, and now she is very devoted to her time with God. I went for it, and I too feel that He has answered my prayer. i am so thankful that, along with other practices that I have been focusing on to help me build a stronger relationship with God, I feel that my gratitude has helped me want it more. That’s probably not the best way to go about it, and I can’t explain why it happened that way, but I’m just glad it did. Not only am I healthier physically, but getting emotionally stronger and more disciplined on my journey to finding inner peace through God’s love.

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