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I joined the de-cluttering club

The last time I posted I wanted to purge, clean and organize our home. In the past month we’ve been sick, busy and sick again. Well, here I am healthy, rested and ready to write!

Purging. Becoming a minimalist. De-cluttering, What ever you want to call it, it’s happening and it’s happening everywhere. You have websites, blogs, books and even You Tube videos devoted to this. Is it a fad? A trend? Or are we becoming more aware of our surroundings?

I like our home. In fact, I had a hard time picturing us living any where else. Until recently. We have stuff. What we don’t have is extra space. It doesn’t help that babies are accompanied by big things. Playpen, baby swing, excersaucer, and high chair to name a few. As the adjustment period of having Gem number 3 unfolded and I became more comfortable,  the more aware I became to the changes that need to be made in my home. A life style change.

Last summer I read a book to our girls titled ‘Itty Bitty Bits’ by Anita Daher. It’s about a young girl who can’t have a friend over till her very messy room is clean. She learns to get it done itty bitty bit by itty bitty bit. That’s was my mind set as I entered this task of cleaning out the house. I started with something I thought would be fun and easy. The book shelf. This was a great opprotunity to make changes that I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I moved the circle time books down a few shelves so the kids can read them. I made room for the kids board games.I filled one big bag with books and gave a dozen or so away to friends. This week I tackled a larger mountain – my wardrobe. No, I’m not wearing  my pre-pregnancy YET, but do I need all those maternity clothes? I went through my clothes asking my self this one question ‘If this fit perfectly would I wear it?” Let me tell you, It felt so good!

I know that the more I organize our home, the more order it will create, More order will give me more time. More time to do the things that are important to me. Things I like to do. Things like making memories – Collecting moments.

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