For the first time…

“Happy New Years.” You’ve said it, heard it, or read it at least a million times in the last few days. Have you ever really thought about what a great greeting that is?

Fall of 2014 our church did a negativity fast. Everyone made a conscious effort to speak life. We became more aware of what we said to each other, about each other, and about our circumstances. We were challenged in not only what and how we say things but how we think. Take a minute now and say those words again. “Happy New Year.” Do you see it?! Do you see the life that is those words? Lets break it down.

Happy – by definition is feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. Being happy is a feeling we enjoy, we want those around us to also be happy. Happiness usually involves a smile, laughter and even contentment. who doesn’t want that?!

New – by definition is not existing before; made, introduced, discovered recently or now for the first time. Doesn’t that excite you!! To think that there are things that will take place in my life this year that did not exist before. I’m not talking about a new pair of shoes either. I’m talking about moments and memories that will be remembered even cherished. Now for the first time…..

Year – by definition is the period of 365 days (or 366 days in leap years) starting from the first of January. Think about it. Really think about it. We have the opportunity to make at least 365 memories each year. We have at least 365 opportunities to impact, influence and enjoy those around us.

For the first time, enjoy and make this year a new year.

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