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Enjoy every moment

There I sat holding our last Gem. Every one else was upstairs in bed. There we were, surrounded by empty gift boxes, balloons and some wrapping paper that was left on the floor. A mess. A mess I was thankful for. Our second Gem turned three that day.

As parents we know time flies. Sometimes it flies so fast we can’t get done all the things we wanted to get done on any particular day. It’s in moments like this one that I remember to be thankful for things I easily take for granted. Things like doing dishes and cleaning up after dinner. I need to remember that there are many who have so little to eat that they eat crumbs rather then clean them. The never ending cycle of laundry, I need to remember there are many who don’t have a cycle of clothes to go through. Yes, this is a busy season. Yes, sometimes I would rather not do these things. But I must remember to be thankful for these things.

I need to remember that God gave us these Gems. A blessing. A gift. A way for us to make sure our priorities are straight. Not to mention children are the perfect example to us in how to forgive, how to have fun without caring who is watching, they show us unconditional love when we make mistakes. Without knowing it, they can illustrate the perfect character of Christ.

Yes, parenting has is challenges. It can be very hard. Tantrums, talking back, the whining, the colic new born, the late nights with a sick child, the list goes on and on. Don’t forget That parenting also has it’s rewards. Random hugs and unprompted ‘I love you’s . The giggles from the next room while you make dinner. And the non stop chatter on car rides. (Yes, sometimes silent car rides are nice too. ) Don’t forget you, yes you mom, yes you dad, you get to share life with someone important. You get to know them before they make their mark on the world. We get to help them be well rounded people who make a difference in this world. Enjoy every moment. Time flies.


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