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Why friends are great

I could sit here and write a million reasons why I’m thankful for the friends God has placed in my life.

I could write about their generosity, thoughtfulness, how strong they are and how they are great encouragers.

I could tell you stories about driving in the rain, staying up late watching a television show we like, and the fun we have just talking and catching up.

I could tell you about the countless times we’ve made plans last minute and the laughs and cries we’ve shared in those times.

I’ll spare you the mushy details about the support they gave us when we miscarried and how I can’t imagine my life without these great women. Or about how easy it is to share my failures and disappointments with them. I won’t tell you the bonding that took place when we discovered we wear the same shoe size, or how we met ‘by chance’ in a job interview.

But I will tell you this. Find people like this in your life. Surround your self with them . And most importantly, become this kind of friend.



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