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Things I must not forget

God knows all things. I say this not just because the Bible says so. I say it because I KNOW it. I say it because I’ve EXPERIENCED it.

He knows when we need a little extra cash to make ends meet. He knows when we need words of encouragement. He knows the pain and heartache we go through. He knows when we need time with friends and when we need to hear ‘I love you’.

We are wonderfully made. Because HE made us and loves us, He DOES and WILL take care of us. I KNOW this because I’ve EXPERIENCED it. I must not forget it!!!

I must not forget the time when we needed to get a new car – family of 5 only fits in a van (because of car seats), God not only provided a van in our budget he provided a van with luxuries. I must not forget the time I was in labour with our first daughter and prayed there would be no traffic on the way to the hospital. The roads were empty. I must not forget the time our toddler woke up saying her ear hurt and after cuddles and prayer, she was her normal self the next morning. I must not forget the time I pleaded for chocolate over social media and my sister-in law came and brought me some (yes! He cares about the little things too). I must not forget!

Yes it’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and it’s easy to let my mind escape to a land of “what if’s”. A land filled with worry, discouragement and complaints. But that land is a land of gloom and getting no where. I would much rather be in a land filled with HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT. A land where I KNOW all things are possible. A place where when things don’t go my way, don’t go according to my plans, there is SOMEONE who has a better plan than mine.

His ways are better than mine. His timing isn’t always my timing, but it’s always perfect. I tell our girls to be patient for things and yet, I can find myself impatient with HIM. I forget that I KNOW that He knows what I need and when I need it. I must not forget!


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