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Expecting nothing in return

We were on vacation this past week, so here is Friday’s blog.

I’ve heard the stories, read the blogs, but never really experienced it until now. Romance changes.

The idea of romance is something I think many young girls dream about. The unexpected flowers, candle light dinners, the surprise of the perfect gift. I’m guilty of setting this standard too.

As years go by and baby number three’s due date approaches my eyes and my heart see something new. A new kind of romance. The kind of romance that involves him getting up early with Gem number one and two so that I can sleep in – even though he was up late. The kind that takes initiative to get household projects done. It’s the random words of appreciation and encouragement. It’s the time he takes to play countless games of ‘Guess Who’ or reading to the Gems while I make dinner. It’s the Special memories that only we share – talking about our dreams, our goals and even our failures. That’s true romance.

I would define Romance as a moment or event of awwness or being wowed. You know what I’m talking about. The moment he does something or shares something with you and you’re left in aww – “he loves me this much to do that” “wow, he loves me that much to say that!” Yes, the unexpected gifts are thoughtful and the candle dinners are nice. But it’s the every day things in life that matter most.

Did you know the Bible talks about how a husband should love his wife the way Christ loves the church? I believe as the family of Christ grows, his love for each of us grows. His love for you grows. His love for you is deep. What comes to mind is John 3:16. It’s a well known verse but, here it is anyway.

“For God so loved the world he gave His only Son so who ever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life”

He so loved….

He so loved YOU He GAVE…

HE loves me so much that he gave me my husband, my kids, my friends and family. He’s given you things – things he made especially just for you!! HE gives without expecting anything in return.

How often do we do that? Maybe not as often as we should. However, I believe we can. I’m challenged to do it when I think of how my husband has set this example. He does it by doing and sharing everyday life with me. Doing it expecting nothing in return. It impacts me more then he realizes. Here’s how what I feel challenged to do and would like for you to join me..

1) Change our ideas and expectations.
2) Give them a moment or event of awwness.
3) Do it as often as possible

Do you accept this challenge? Feel free to share below how your gave without expecting a thing.

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