The best part about believing a lie

Laundry. Dishes. Lunches. Dinner. Floors. Bathrooms. Beds. The list goes on and on. This list doesn’t just grow in regards to maintaining our homes, it grows in our jobs, making time for friends, making time for ourselves (yes, moms you need time for just you) I believe our minds keep running making these ‘list’

We can’t continue in life running around like chickens with our heads cut off. I recently heard this in a meeting and in that moment I thought ‘that’s often how I feel.’ Do I like it – NO!!! Something needs to change. I can’t just say it, I need to do something about it. I don’t want to pass those behaviours on to our daugthers.

I read something a while back that has stuck with me. There are 2 lies women believe. 1) I don’t need to write that down 2) I can do that later. I’m guilty of believing these myself. To break down this lie I’ve started to write things down. Using technology to my advantage – I’ve set reminders in my phone and an alarm so so I don’t forget.

The best part of realizing we’ve been believing a lie, we have the opprotunity to shine light in it and change our lives.

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