A Childhood Memory

This past weekend a childhood memory came to mind, something I had forgotten about. The memory is this:

I am sitting on my porch writing in a three ring binder, covered with red material. On the front it had the letter ‘J’ – made from a shoe lace. In this binder I kept all my poems and public speaking materials.  I kept this binder until I was in my early 20’s.

The more I looked at this picture in my mind, the more challenged I felt to start to write again. Not in a journal (as I’ve done before) but here, on this blog.  My poems were about life, the things I thought lacked, the love I wanted,  and the lack of acceptance I felt. My life is very different now. Not only because I’m married, a mother of 2 with number 3 on the way, and have my own business. My life is changed because someone very special gave me a new life, filled in the gaps of my broken heart, Jesus loves and accepts me.

SO, here’s the first poem….


Keep moving. Don’t stop and stare

Don’t stop to wonder

Jesus is calling – Calling us

Calling us out. Out Calling us out of what we know

To something different, to be something different

Don’t waste your time looking and searching for flaws

Life is found in HIS freedom and not in human thoughts

Though what surrounds you may appear to be different, 


His love, His calling, His thoughts towards you are real.

Keep moving moving. Don’t stop and stare

He’ll show you the way. He’s always there.


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